Episode 76: Psalm 73:28


Praying Psalm 73:28


Welcome back to Season Five of Peace Prayers. I’m thrilled to begin a brand new chapter with y’all. Nothing has changed about the format, so sit back and relax into the familiar peace God has for us.

Today’s verse is Psalm 73 28

But I’m in the very presence of God—
    oh, how refreshing it is!
I’ve made Lord God my home.
    God, I’m telling the world what you do!

Let’s pray together.

God, the world is a weary and lonely place. It’s full of broken people who disappoint us and plans that never go our way. We search and we wander and we live with tumble-down souls and mournful sighing because we have no hope. We have nowhere to go and no one to turn to. This is what our enemy would have us believe. This is what our sin has reduced us to. But it is not true.

The truth is You welcome us into Your presence. You long for us to come and dwell with You and spend all our time basking in the wonder of who You are. And so help us to come. Help us to heed the invitation. When we are confused or sad or angry or alone, help us to hear You, beautiful Holy Spirit, and let the call be irresistible.

Teach us what it is to dwell in Your presence. Help us to know how we can live refreshed and renewed. Don’t let us stray from Your halls or go out from the shelter of Your wings. Bind us to Your heart and help us to keep hold of Your hand so we don’t fall and slip and fade. Help us to know the goodness and righteousness of Your character. May we yearn to know You and spend time with You. Rejuvenate us, body, soul, and spirit, and may we be brought into alignment with You. Dip us into the spring of Your eternal presence. No, fling us in!

And let us be at home. Let us be so at home that we never want to leave. Make us comfortable and familiar and help us to feel wanted and needed and blessed. Be to us mother and father and family and all that we need. Provide for us the food and water and clothes and shelter and our very breath. We know You do these things, but we ask that we be aware of it, and that we never take it for granted. Let the four walls of our existence be built of all that makes You You. Your eternal attributes, co-existing in perfect harmony are what will give us peace. I pray we make You our home, never to find it unsafe, never to desire to leave, but only to bring the rest of your flock back home.

Help us to be so happy and so in love and so joyful because of You that it is all we talk about and all we sing about and all we work toward. May it be evident to everyone around us that You are our dwelling place through all generations. We want the light of You to shine through us, clear and blinding and welcoming to all who encounter us. Please, be the guide and the light to our paths. And may it always lead back to You.

I am my beloved’s and He is mine. Raise Your banner of love over me. Jesus, my one true love, the security and comfort and peace I crave, may I never leave Your side. May I never betray or abandon or hurt or dishonor You. I want to stay at home with You forevermore. Thank You that You will never leave me nor forsake me. So I pray that I am as constant and faithful because of Your great love.

Oh, my gracious Father, my redeeming Savior, my comforting Friend, draw me close and never let me go. You are my home. You are where I belong. And it is everything I could ever want or need. Never send me from Your presence, but let me rest here with you, evermore and everlasting and ever-fulfilled.

Thank You so much. I love You so much. I pray this in the cleansing and welcoming blood of Jesus. Amen.


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