Episode 80: Hosea 3:6


Praying Hosea 3:6


Today’s verse is Hosea 3:6

Let us acknowledge the Lord;
    let us press on to acknowledge Him.
As surely as the sun rises,
    He will appear;
He will come to us like the winter rains,
    like the spring rains that water the earth.

Let’s pray together.

Jesus, I confess that I don’t acknowledge You enough. I spend my days and time thinking of anything and everyone other than you. Especially myself. I am so focused on what I can do, that I forget who You are and what You’ve done. So today, I acknowledge Your Presence, Your Power, Your Perfection, Your Perseverance, Your Patience, and Your Peace.

Remind me daily because I forget so easily. Help me to see what is so clear. Remove the blinders from my eyes and the fear from my heart. I pray nothing is more important to me than You. I want to see You and know You are God. Help me to be still before You. Please help me to give You the praise You deserve. Help me to worship You with every breath in my body, every action I take, every word I speak, every thought I think. You are all. And today I am intentional in my understanding of that and I honor You for it.

Help me to think of You in the morning. Let my first experience of the day be of You and then may I hold tightly to You the whole day through. Jesus, be my everything. Show me who You are in my weeping and laughing, my celebrating and grieving, my inner self and my outward actions, my day-to-day minutiae and my splendid frivolity. Yes, be my everything and show me who You are. Reveal Yourself to me. I want to see Your glory. Hide me in the cleft, but do not let another moment pass by without Your Spirit washing over me.

Washing over me like the spring and winter rains, like the renewing of the earth and the putting of it to bed. From sunrise to sunset, from each season, You are the Refresher and Reviver of the world. And let it be so for me. I want to be watered with You, Holy Spirit. I want to be cleansed by You, Jesus. I want to be realized as the fullest person I can be, Father. So please, stay with me, send me the times of refreshing. And may I fully rejoice in them and give You all the praise. I love You, LORD. I am thankful for You. I worship You for all Your majesty. I am in awe of Your wonder. You are more than I could ever want or need. Thank You for all Your blessings and help me to appreciate them even when times are hard and I can’t see Your face as well as I would like to.

I offer You my most humble thanks, dear God. I pray these things in Your wonderful and powerful name. Amen.


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